1. FPIC Education road show
  2. Farm siren
  3. One indigenous child one solar lamp
  4. Research and documentation
  5. Resolving ethnic and chieftaincy conflict among indigenous people
  6. Indigenous people photo exhibition
  7. Indigenous communities mapping program
  8. Water for communities
  9. Anti snake venoms program
  10. Indegeneous women growing opportunity

11.Indigeneous Dialogue series

The farm siren

The settle Ghana farm siren is a device that makes a loud prolonged warning sound that scares wild animals like elephants, monkeys, birds, antelopes from destroying farms of indigenous people. Farm siren is a waterproof speaker powered by solar and can scare animals four hundred meters (400m) away from farms. The device is mounted on a pole inside the farms and releases the sound that every wild animal fears most. Firstly, gun shots sounds are rang for ninety seconds (90s), this will be followed by a barking dog barking for one hundred and eighty second (180s), and the yelling of a man follows immediately for one hundred and twenty seconds (120s). The idea is to tell the wild animal that the farms are no go areas for them any longer. Hey, wild animal, man is present where you are encroaching, better find your level. This way, livelihoods of indigenous people can be safe.


This program is aim at bridging the gap between less privilege indigenous school kids and their counterparts from the cities. Every year kids between the ages of 14-16 sit for the country’s basic education certificate examination in order to progress to  enjoy the country free senior high in Ghana. Most indigeneous children are not able to meet the selection criteria due primary to weak grades


This program is aim at the indigeneous population who might have been biten by snakes but are unable to foot the cost of treatment.

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