Indigenous People Lives Matter Too
Who are Indigenous Peoples:

The term “indigenous peoples” is a common denominator for distinct peoples who, through historical processes, have been marginalized and denied their right to control their own development. For indigenous peoples, self-identification is the basic principle in claiming and asserting indigenous identity. Indigenous peoples present a vast spectrum of differentiated organizational representations depending on their his¬tory, relationship with the State, level of recognition and other contextual factors.

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Settle Ghana is a registered nongovernmental organization that defends the rights of the indigenous people irrespective of their tribe, religion, race or political orientation. Our goal is a Ghana where indigenous people lives matter. That indigenous people have a say to give or withhold their God giving natural resources, and that the state and multi nationals institution accord and recognizes these rights.


SETTLE GHANA is rolling out an ambitious program to train about 10000 indigenous women across the country.
The project is aimed at providing vocational skills such as soap making, hairdressing, beard making, beekeeping, vegetable farming and aquaculture to the indigenous people of Ghana.
The two-year program is dubbed “Indigenous Women Growing Opportunity (IWGO) .As Ghana strive to attain Goal 8 of the sustainable development Goals (SDGs) which is to ” promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth, employment and decent work for all, SETTLE GHANA contribution towards this shared responsibility and goal is to make indigenous women financially independent.
The indigenous women growing opportunity will provide jobs for beneficiaries and improve their standard of living.



Our Impact

The Farm Siren

The settle Ghana farm siren is a device that makes a loud prolonged warning sound that scares wild animals like elephants, monkeys, birds, antelopes from destroying farms of indigenous people. Read More


This program is aim at bridging the gap between less privilege indigenous school kids and their counterparts from the cities. Every year kids between the ages of 14-16 sit for the country’s basic education certificate. Read More


This program is aim at the indigeneous population who might have been biten by snakes but are unable to foot the cost of treatment. With the help of our donors we are able to help the needy who have bitten by snakes.